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Security Programs

Opus Guard's Apps for Atlassian are built upon Atlassian Forge platform. We work with Atlassian and participate in mandated security programs by Atlassian Marketplace.

CAIQ-Lite Questionnaire
The CAIQ-Lite, which stems from the Consensus Assessments Initiative Questionnaire (CAIQ), provides a condensed approach that streamlines vendor assessment, making it easier for cybersecurity professionals to engage with cloud vendors and enhance their security efforts. Opus Guard CAIQ-Lite Questionnaire can be downloaded for use in your vendor security assessment.
Atlassian Ecoscanner
Atlassian's Ecoscanner platform is a platform used for performing security scanning against all Marketplace cloud apps on an ongoing basis. Opus Guard's Apps are continuously monitored for common security vulnerabilities and we work with Atlassian to keep improving the overall security posture of our Apps.
Atlassian Vulnerability Disclosure Program
Customers and security researchers can report vulnerability on Atlassian Marketplace App via the program and Opus Guard's Apps participate the program.
Atlassian Security requirements for Forge apps
As an Atlassian Marketplace Partner, Opus Guard's Apps adheres to these security requirements.
Atlassian Security Bug Fix Policy
The Security Bug Fix Policy outlines Atlassian's security expectations of developers who host apps on the Atlassian Marketplace, specifically regarding security vulnerabilities. Opus Guard follows this policy to ensure our customers' data are protected.