Here are the key terms used by Content Retention Manager for Confluence (CRMC):

audit log
A log of all the actions which users and the app automations (if enabled) have taken.
A feature that automatically deletes or purges contents according to the retention policies.
When users moves the content to the trash. The contents in trash can be restored by a Space admin. This is the same action as Confluence users deleting a content.
For retention policies, a content has an indefinite retention period is marked as “evergreen” for content audit, and will not be subject to automations. Note that a content with an indefinite retention period may still be deleted via Confluence by users with delete permissions and purged by space admins.
When data is removed from the trash and is permanently gone. This is the same action as Confluence space admins purging a content from the trash.
retention rule
A policy defines a content’s retention status and the actions to be taken by CRMC to manage the content’s status or purge the content.
retention period
The number of days that a content is certain to not be deleted by CRMC.
The content’s Confluence status, which could be current, archived, or trashed.
CRMC user
A Confluence user who has the required permissions to manage CRMC retention policies and automations, delete or purge contents, and review audit logs.